This Week’s Books


Whispered Voices

Storm Voices Book 1

A killer’s voice, a fairy’s protection; a race for the truth. Mac’s friend is a suspect, by she can hear the voice in her head of the real killer. Now the race is on to prove what she hears is true.


Hammer and Crucible

The interstellar array which links worlds together wakes to find it has enemies… The Fourth Carinad Empire stretches across hundreds of settled worlds and stellar cities, and thousands of light years. The Empire’s people and data are linked by a space-folding gates array controlled by the Emperor and his cohorts. When the array evolves into a sentient entity, it recognizes the Emperor as its foe. Danny Andela, once known as The Imperial Hammer, withdrew from the Imperial Rangers decades ago, her reputation in tatters. She lives on her family’s star barge, waiting to die of a rare disease: old age. She would be the array’s perfect weapon against the Emperor, except she no longer gives a damn—about anything. Then Danny learns that the military disaster which essentially ended her life might possibly have been arranged by the Emperor himself…

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Harvest of Shadows

A science fiction mystery/adventure novel with horrifying monsters and found family.

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The Bandalore – Pitch & Sickle Book One

A beautiful demon and a clueless deadman find themselves thrown together in a desperate bid to save the human world from an ancient curse.

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Fall of the Amador Cartel Series Bundle

I’m the female heir to LA’s underground empire, which makes love a liability. But there are two men I won’t give up … no matter the cost.

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