This Week’s Books


The John Tyler Thrillers – 5 ebook bundle

Retired Green Beret John Tyler lives with PTSD, his feisty teenaged daughter, and an inability to walk away from trouble.


Frozen Heck (Starship Teapot #4)

Stranded in deep space … but at least they have donuts.

When a warp engine malfunction spits them out in a distant corner of the galaxy, Lem and the crew of the Teapot seek refuge with the robotic catering staff of a backwater space station. With their ship out of action and comms offline, all they can do is wait for rescue … and enjoy the best snacks this side of the Oort Cloud.

But when a spacefaring bounty hunter crashes the party in search of a dangerous runaway shapeshifter, Lem makes a terrible realisation – one of her friends may be an impostor.

With suspicions rising and accusations flying, they need to smoke out the faker. But in a subtle game of trickery and subterfuge, there’s no telling if the shapeshifter will slip through their fingers. As tensions boil over, who is safe to trust? And when the Teapot blasts off, will everyone on board be who they claim to be?


Garridan’s Mate

Vampyre General Garridan must train warrior Siora for their upcoming battle. She claims to hate him, but when they hit the mat neither can deny their sizzling attraction!




Why Does Growing Up Have to be so Painful? I’m turning seventeen, been home-schooled and have led a painfully sheltered life and am soooo ready to break out … to take a walk on the wild side this last summer before my senior year … to do anything and everything that comes my way. I’m Luke, and the parents are finally gone for two entire weeks! Hey South Florida! Get ready for some serious salt life action! Sun, sea, surfing, partying, and girls! What? Just when things are heating up, my sizzling summer adventures are coming to a screeching halt and spinning out of control! Now I have to battle and pray my way through a confusing maze of additional responsibility, romance, temptation, a house fire, secrets, lies, and a night in jail … my face all bloody and bruised! How did life get so messed up, so fast? Will my twin Sara and our friends step in at the eleventh hour … or am I in it too deep? Take a walk on the wild side with me … stay up all night reading.


Fall of the Amador Cartel Series Bundle

I’m the female heir to LA’s underground empire, which makes love a liability. But there are two men I won’t give up … no matter the cost.

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