Reader FAQ

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Why buy direct from authors?

When you buy books direct from the author, you’re supporting them in different ways than you would if buying from a retailer.

First, authors can offer bonuses and discounts they can’t through retailers.

Second, they make more money. There’s no messy stuff to deal with – for you or the author – which allows the author to keep more money.

Can I still get books sent to my Kindle/Tablet?etc.?

You sure can! Most authors use a service called Bookfunnel, and you may already be familiar with this service and have your own library there (if you do, great!) How Bookfunnel works is you choose how/where you want the book sent and Bookfunnel guides you through the how-to. And if you experience any technical difficulties, Bookfunnel has stellar support for that!

Will I ever have to pay for the newsletter?